Chocolate Drop

Our award winning red blended with sweet chocolate cherry flavors give this dessert wine an unusual depth of delightful scent & taste


Aged "naked" making it light, fruity & refreshing


Our award winning, best selling, sweet white



Classic Red

Our custom dry red blend for half the price


A dry, complex red with tastes of herbs, earth & oak

Rio Blanc

Our perfect sweet wine blend with a smooth & gentle buttery finish


Dry Riesling

A dry, white wine that is robust

and citrusy with hints of orange peel

OK Riesling

Fresh floral aromas harmonized with deep, rich texture & a slight sweetness

Taryn Blanc

A dry blend of our Sauvignon Blanc with hints of Riesling & Muscat Canelli

Noble Blush

Amazing fruit flavors that explode on palate with a lightly sweet balance

Our Wines

White Zinfandel

Our all American, semi-sweet blush crowd pleaser

Rio Rojo

Soft, sweet start with a bold dry red finish


A beautiful dry red with a hint of cranberry and mint.

Sauvignon Blanc

Dry, crisp, light complex layers of citrus flavor

Muscat Canelli

Refreshingly light texture, a zesty fruit forward treat with a clean finish

Cabernet Sauvignon

Richly textured, full bodied dry red with pepper undertones